Show Your Value

Compete with confidence  

Competing in the current marketplace is tough, I know. Especially with such fierce competition from so many mature technology providers

If you’re being honest, it feels overwhelming:


  • You waste hours & hours trawling LinkedIn and attending networking events looking for new opportunities, only to fail at the bid stage.


  • You spend an ungodly amount of time preparing proposals, only to be rejected at the last moment because you don’t have a strong business case or delivery process like the larger players.


  • It seems like no matter how much effort you put in, you just can’t seem to get business leaders to really understand the value of what you’re providing.


  • You’d love to work with larger companies, but the thought of jumping through all of the hoops you need to do so makes you shudder. 


You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like NOTHING will work. I know because I see my clients struggle with this over and over again.


And I’m here to help.

I'm Charlotte

and in case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…


Consulting Magazine Rising Star's award winner “2020 One's to watch list”
(Awarded for my work in digital strategy consulting)


I’ve spent my career as an award winning independent and corporate Microsoft / Accenture Strategy Consultant, helping businesses adopt technical solutions to digitise their operations.


I have a Master’s degree in International business and real-world practical experience working with companies globally to find new ways through the use of technology to create operational efficiencies, drive more revenue and make the necessary decisions required to grow their organisations. 


Over the last few years I have noticed a HUGE disconnect between what business leaders want and the way that technical solution providers are offering.


The problem is that technology solution providers get so caught up in the technical aspects that they struggle to demonstrate the value of their solutions in a way that business leaders want to hear it. 

This results in the following...


  • Business leaders don't buy into digital technology solutions

  • Technology solution providers don’t make sales

  • National digital transformation progress is slower than it needs to be 


There are no winners here.

That’s why I have decided to share my specific value-driven engagement framework 
And here’s the big’s exactly what the mature providers are doing to secure long-term technology projects and continue growing their businesses.

Amanda Young, Director, Capgemini

"Charlotte will work with you to create an environment that ensures your team is engaged in both the process and the outcome. She has expertise in Digital Experience and Digital Transformation projects and is skilled in both design-led and insights-enabled engagements.

I would highly recommend Charlotte as an outcome-led facilitator, experience-led engagement lead and an empathetic leader."

Because you know what happens when you finally know how to successfully deliver value-driven engagements?




You feel excited to take on big projects because you have the system and knowledge you need to handle it like a PRO.

You and your team members spend more time focusing on developing and delivering the solutions that you love, rather than worrying about all of the necessary, but frustrating commercial aspects.

You feel confident in your ability to answer those tricky roadmap and ROI questions, knowing that you have a method for clearly communicating the value of your solutions.

Imagine being able to achieve all of that in just 6 weeks with a proven system that you can use again and again. For real.


Show Your Value

A SIX-week online programme that will change the way you deliver technical solutions forever


Delivered online through a series of SIX modules and FOUR additional bonuses, the Show Your Value programme provides you with a standardised framework and all the templates you need for successfully delivering technology solutions in a way that business leaders want, so that you can develop ongoing lucrative relationships and create an exceptional reputation for your business.

Here's what we'll cover...


Module 1 - Value-driven engagements 101

We’ll start with the basics of what makes value-driven engagements so effective, which is what the entire programme is built upon. Get ready to learn how you can use this method over and over again to achieve exceptional results. This foundational info is critical!


Module 2 - Problem definition and validation

One of the biggest reasons for technology project failure, and not making it past the MVP or pilot stages is that the problem that the technology solution is supposed to be solving is not clearly understood. Learning how to validate the problem with key business stakeholders is essential. Expect to go deep into this!


Module 3 - Roadmaps and ROI

Creating a roadmap for longer term projects can be tricky, but business leaders want to know how and when you’ll deliver what you say you will. In this module you’ll learn how to map out projects incrementally and how to cost things out.


Module 3 - Project ramp up

Learning how to ramp up projects quickly and effectively is essential for de-risking the project, ensuring a positive impression is made and for getting all stakeholders on the same page. Learn the step by step process and make use of all of the handy templates to get your projects off to a flying start.


Module 5 - Agile based execution

Another major reason technology projects fail is that solution providers accidently deliver results that are not in line with original requirements and expectations. Learn how to deliver projects based upon incremental, adaptable delivery, ongoing feedback and strong stakeholder relationships. Get all the info, templates and resources you need to deliver real client satisfaction.


Module 6 - Securing ongoing sales success

So many technology solution providers don’t understand the value of long-term client relationships and account building. It’s 5X more expensive to work with a new client than it is to continue working with the ones you already have. Understand how to help coach your clients around what’s best for them and find yourself in the strongest possible position to deliver projects over a long period of time.

Formalizing a plan when there are so many exceptional ideas can be daunting to say the least. It's hard to know where to begin. But with Charlotte's help we were able to jump in, redefine our problems and truly think outside the box, while simultaneously prioritizing our solutions and innovating beyond our initial ideas. The structure Charlotte provided allowed the team to simply focus on the problem at hand.

Kendra Parker - Global Experience Lead 
Enrollment opens soon!
What you'll get access to...

SIX course modules: (one per week)


These modules are packed with video trainings, worksheets, checklists and more. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re getting to WORK! And by the end of the program you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan to successfully deliver technology solutions in a way that business leaders want, so that you can develop ongoing lucrative relationships and create an exceptional reputation for your business.

Lifetime access to course materials:


Value-delivery for technology projects is an ever changing organism. Which means I’ll be updating my program materials as updates emerge. You’ll have access to all the materials and all the updates, forever! 

BONUS 1: My ENTIRE library of done-for-you value-project templates:


To take the guesswork (and hassle) out of your engagements, you’ll get access to all of the templates I use to successfully deliver value-led technology projects. You plug in your specifics and you’re ready to go!

BONUS 2: Four additional bonus modules: I've taken the most frequently asked questions that I receive from technology solution providers and have created four additional bonus modules to cover them in depth! Want to know how to create a winning business case for your solution? Struggling to build connections with stakeholders? You’re not alone! And I've got you covered!


My ENTIRE library of done-for-you value-project templates:

After countless engagements working with organisations to deliver successful value-led technology projects from SME to FTSE 250 - i've perfected the art of the value delivery process. 


In this bonus you’ll get all of the done-for-you templates you need to help you efficiently execute projects with ease. You’ll have access to templates for every step of the delivery process, plus all of the step by step instructions you need to use them!  


You’ll get templates to help you…


  • Understand the business value drivers for your specific solutions, so that you can clearly demonstrate the value of your solutions confidently and with ease.


  • Create a roadmap and business value case that will help you secure your next phase of work.


  • Clearly frame and understand the business problem that you’re solving from the perspective of your client, to build strong relationships and ensure client satisfaction. 


  • Ramp up quickly with the engagement workbook which clearly details the project methodology, roles and responsibilities and provides a to-do checklist to keep all team members on track.


  • Execute on a level with mature providers using the agile delivery templates to help keep project execution as professional, simple and easy as possible.


Most people have to create all these things from scratch, but not you. You’ll just take my predeveloped templates, plug in your information, and BOOM. You’re on your way to delivering more and more technology projects.


This is what Deliver Your Value is all about — learning from an expert’s experience to take savvy shortcuts and start getting results FAST.



I've taken the most frequently asked questions that I receive from technology solution providers and have created four additional bonus modules to cover them in depth! 


Want to know how to create a winning business case for your solution? Struggling to build connections with stakeholders? You’re not alone! And I've got you covered!


BONUS MODULE 1 - How to prep proposals to secure projects


BONUS MODULE 2 - Managing score creep and project changes


BONUS MODULE 3 - How to build long-lasting (and lucrative) stakeholder relationships


BONUS MODULE 4 - How to run successful stakeholder interviews

"Charlotte worked with clients on the creation and execution of their digital transformation programmes.

This type of work requires an insightful, logical and forward thinking mindset which Charlotte was able to demonstrate time and time again.

She works hard to take clients on a journey educating, challenging and supporting them to navigate the complexities of transformation.

Her approach and style is professional and engaging, building credibility and trust early on.

COO, UKI Business Technology Advisory - Avanade Global Technology
Show Your Value will take you:



  • Feeling worried that you don’t you don’t have a clear structure for delivering technology projects for larger organisations, or over a longer period of time.

  • Feeling nervous in commercial discussions.

  • Losing bids because you can’t clearly articulate your value.




  • Feeling confident that you have a clear framework and process for handling projects within any organisation, at any size. 

  • Knowing that you can clearly communicate the value of your technology solution with ease.

  • Feeling sure that you have a fighting chance of success regardless of the competition.

Money Back Guarantee

Show Your Value is the step by step method that is widely applied by the most successful technology solution providers and business consultancies. I’ve personally used the framework to help my clients build digital transformation roadmaps and deliver value-driven projects to take their businesses to the next level. 


I know that you’ll love this material, too. But to make it an absolute no-brainer, I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Work through Deliver Your Value— watch the video modules, complete the worksheets and action steps — and if you don’t feel you have the proven blueprint to deliver your own projects  I’ll refund your money. Simple as that!

Here's what I know for sure

This framework works! It provides a proven structure used by mature technology providers and consultancy companies that is recognised by larger organisations to aid your success at the request for proposal stage, throughout solution delivery and into incremental project delivery over time. 


I also know this...if you want to compete with the larger technology providers, you need to start operating in a way that supports your ambitions. Delivering Your Value provides you with the opportunity to do just that. Believe me, I know how these mature companies operate’s really, really good. It’s thought out, professional and it’s slick. 


I know this, because in my previous life as a Microsoft / Accenture Strategy Consultant, I helped companies using this exact framework. And now I help other large technology companies adopt it...And now, you can too!


"Charlotte's passion, energy, detailed knowledge and methods really delivers valuable outcomes for her clients"

Alistair Oecken - Technical Practice Lead, Leading Resolutions
Show Your Value is for you if...

You’re ready to level up your business operations to win more business and give yourself a fighting chance of competing in the challenging market we see today. 


You want to train yourself and your technology minded team members to approach commercial discussions confidently


You’ll put in the work. I won’t sugarcoat it — leveling up the way you do business takes effort. But it’s much easier than struggling with the same issues you’re having fighting for business right now. I promise you that.


You’re an executor. You can take a list of tasks and take action to complete them.

Show Your Value probably isn't for you if...

You’re not ready to invest in the future of your business.


You aren’t able to find a few hours each week to work on this programme.


You’re not willing or able to put in the work today to build a better tomorrow.


You’re a pessimist. We just won’t get along well if you’re not willing to take responsibility for your own success.

Enrollment opens soon!

"Yes, to any business leader struggling to identify or clearly articulate their challenges in attracting and retaining customers, wanting to define root cause issues and seeking actionable short and long term improvements to optimise, innovate and grow their business - Overall a truly empowering and brilliant consultant!"

Marzia Avallone - Vice President, Digital Transformation - Citi Bank