Industrial Experience Elevator

1 Day Rapid Strategy Workshop

Create a step by step plan to optimise your customer experience, make operational efficiencies and drive more revenue

without overwhelm

Do you ever feel like you spend hours & hours every day handling THE SAME customer issues?

  • You keep getting complaints that you’re hard to do business with. Your customers expect self-service abilities, with an Amazon-like customer experience that your out-of-date processes and systems simply cannot deliver.  It’s taking forever to answer their questions. 

  • Your customers expect immediate, up-to-date information on their account status, order status, and shipment status, but right now you’re frustrated because all of the information you need is stored in different systems.

  • Your customers want to see real-time inventory, and they are getting increasingly frustrated because their orders are taking too long to fill.

  • You want to keep pace with your competitors. You know they're adopting new digital technologies and your customers are going elsewhere. 

  • You’re so focused on managing the day-to-day customer issues that you're worried you’ll never figure it out. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not


Optimising your customer experience can seem overwhelming, I know. 

Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but easy.

But I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Charlotte


Consulting Magazine Rising Star's award winner “2020 One's to watch list” (Awarded for my work in strategy consulting)

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me… I’ve spent my career as an independent and corporate Microsoft / Accenture Management Strategy Consultant, helping businesses in the manufacturing and engineering space adopt new technology to transform their customer experiences. 


Like you, most of my clients are busy experts in their fields, who just need a little extra support figuring out what investments they should make to support their growth initiatives, that best meet their customer needs and that will generate the greatest return on investment. 


My one and only objective is to help your business achieve the best possible outcome. End of story.


"Charlotte has the passion and energy to make facilitated workshops fun, her detailed knowledge of design thinking practices and methods really delivers valuable outcomes for her clients"

Alistair Oecken - Technical Practice Lead, Leading Resolutions

Because you know what happens when you finally get the customer experience right?

Picture this...
  • The orders come flooding into your business and you consistently get your orders out on time. You finally feel relieved because you’re confident that you’re doing the best for your customers and for your long-term business success.

  • You feel certain that you are running your customer operations efficiently and that you're doing all of the right things to generate additional revenue in your business.


  • You finally feel like you can take a breath and relax, knowing that your customers are receiving a seamless sales experience and that your systems are both automated and self-sustaining and set up to support all your customer’s needs.

  • You get to spend time growing your business rather than simply maintaining it. You know that you can take a full weekend off, confident in the knowledge that your business is running smoothly and experiencing growth when you're not around.

Imagine being able to achieve a plan for ultimate long-term customer success in only a few hours. 


Industrial Experience Elevator

A rapid 1 day customer experience strategy workshop to help you create a step by step plan to optimise your customer experience, make operational efficiencies, and drive more revenue in your industrial business

Without overwhelm!

By the end of the workshop you will...

  • Understand your ideal customer's exact needs, so that you can isolate their problems and plan for the precise action items you need to make for an exceptional and competitive customer experience.

  • Know what you need to do to generate more revenue and make operational efficiencies by transforming your customer experience.

  • Understand what technology, systems and processes are missing from your business right now so that you can implement them to make your life easier AND get your time back to do the things that you actually want to be doing.

  • Have created a prioritised strategic roadmap to optimise your customer experience and timeline for your ongoing business growth, so that you feel confident that you know exactly what items to work on and in what order you need to do them.​

Throughout this workshop, you’ll get strategic advice to help you build a customer experience roadmap tailored to your business needs.

My approach is to work alongside you to give you practical steps that are tailored to your particular requirements so that you leave the workshop feeling like you have a plan that you can actually execute, in a sensible timeframe. Not a plan that will leave you feeling worried that you don’t have the team or capacity to pull it off.

During the workshop, you’ll create a customer experience roadmap that will show you exactly what types of technology and tools you should be bringing into your business, what the benefits are in doing this and in what order you need to do things.

  • Imagine being able to sneak off for a quick round of golf, or being able to watch the racing in peace, knowing that your business is taking care of itself. 

  • Imagine the brownie points you’ll score at home when you walk through the door on time, and how good it’ll feel to spend money on yourself and your family without guilt because you are confident that you are taking the right actions to create more money in your business.

  • Imagine losing the feeling of dread every time you turn on your computer, wondering what customer disaster awaits.

Right now it feels like worlds away, but I promise you, optimising your customer experience is not hard as you think it is.


And sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference, you just need to know two things- what’s going to make the biggest impact, and where to start so that you don’t overwhelm your team and smaller business operations.

"73% of companies with above average CX maturity have better financial performance than their competitors"

How we get from A to B...

Let's get down to the details...

The Industrial Experience Elevator Workshop is delivered via a 1 day workshop and is broken down into the following three areas for maximum impact. 

(Workshops can be successfully delivered online or in-person!)

We will start your workshop by applying the creative design-thinking process to get to the bottom of your current customer experience issues, quickly

We will start by...

  • Refining your ideal customer avatar, so you are 100% clear on who it is that you are targeting. (most issues start here!)

  • Mapping the end to end customer journey across all customer touchpoints, so that you have absolute clarity on the path that your customer takes with you​.

  • Isolating your customer's precise problems and pain points, and identify whether these are caused by people, process or technology issues in your business.




  • Have a clear and validated understanding of your ideal customer avatar, so you know who it really is that you are trying to make happy!

  • A fully detailed view of their current journey with you, the struggles that they go through, and the issues that are stopping them from buying from and returning to your business,

  • Feel confident, knowing you are getting closer and closer to identifying the exact needs of your customers.

Part 1

Understand & Empathise

In part 2 of your workshop, we will solution what your future customer journey will look like, and create a compelling north-star vision for your customer experience.

We will...

  • Use design-led thinking workshop methods to rapidly create as many ideas as possible using (previous clients have generated up to 200 in just this session alone! )to effectively solve your customer problems.

  • Begin to identify the people, processes, and technology that you need to put in place to free up your time and scale your business ​

  • Understand the customer data sources that you already have in your business, and how you can begin to use these more effectively.


  • Have as many as 200+ ideas to improve your customer experience

  • A view of what your optimal customer experience should look like, that will truly meet the needs of your customers

  • Understand where the key gaps lie in your customer experience and what systems, technology, people and high-level processes you need to implement to fix them.​​

Part 2

Envision & Design

At the end of part 3, you will leave with a strategy and roadmap to guide your path to customer experience excellence.

What will we do...

  • Validate these ideas further to ensure that they meet your wider business goals.

  • Determine a clear leadership vision for customer experience excellence 

  • Strategically prioritise these ideas in terms of their level of importance to your business and the long and short term impact that they will make.

  • Identify "quick wins" - so that you can start making an impact immediately while putting a strategic plan in place to tackle the more strategic long-term investments.


  • A set of validated action items to optimise your customer experience, increase your revenue and free up your time.

  • A prioritised roadmap action plan, so that you can implement these ideas into your business,

  • Confidence that you know where to start and know exactly what to do next. 

  • ​A set of "quick-win" ideas to bring you results quickly.

  • A team that is fully bought into your customer experience vision.

Part 3

Strategise & Plan

"Yes, to any business leader struggling to identify or clearly articulate their challenges in attracting and retaining customers, wanting to define root cause issues and seeking actionable short and long term improvements to optimise, innovate and grow their business - Overall a truly empowering and brilliant consultant!"

Marzia Avallone - Vice President, Digital Transformation 

What you'll get...

  • 1 x 30 min - Live Pre-Workshop Breakthrough Call - This live breakthrough call with me will become the start of your rapid transformation journey - we will talk through what it is that is holding you back and causing you the most stress currently so that you can get the most value out of your rapid transformation workshop 

  • A 3 Part Facilitated Rapid Strategy, Design-Led Thinking Workshop - The workshop is PACKED with all of the latest strategy techniques used by successful companies such as Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, and many, many more! There’s no such thing as passive learning with these workshops. We’re getting to WORK!

  • Access to 1-2-1 Customer Experience Strategy Consulting - I will be bringing my extensive industrial customer experience knowledge throughout the engagement, and will be working with you and your team directly to determine the BEST possible solutions to optimise your customer experience. 

  • Detailed Customer Persona - This persona will give you the knowledge and power that you need to meet the needs of your ideal customer.  

  • Customer Journey Touchpoint Map - This map contains all of the customer experience insight that you need to understand exactly where your customer issues are. You will generate up to 800 customer experience improvement ideas! Allowing you to clearly see where you need to make improvements across your business.

  • Future Customer Experience Vision and Prioritised Action Plan Roadmap- This is your clear view of the future, plus, the strategic approach you will take to realize that future state. It is also the prioritised plan for what you will do to get there, so you know exactly what you need to do next, to move you forward



(or just FOUR monthly payments of £297)

There are limited spaces available at this price, so reserve yours now before they run out!

What’s the “Pay In Full” Bonus?


Great question! If you pay in full (one-time payment of £997) then not only will you save £££'s, but you'll also get for free, a 45 min post-workshop coaching call live and direct with me, plus access to me for two weeks post-workshop via messenger and email, to help you drive your new plan into action! This is an amazing opportunity to bounce any follow-up ideas off me, and get access to some extra coaching support, FREE!!

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Formalizing a plan when there are so many exceptional ideas can be daunting to say the least. It's hard to know where to begin. But with Charlotte's help we were able to jump in, redefine our problems and truly think outside the box, while simultaneously prioritizing our solutions and innovating beyond our initial ideas. The structure Charlotte provided allowed the team to simply focus on brainstorming, where no idea was a bad one.

Kendra Parker - Global Experience Lead - Avanade

I believe in making a real business impact...

Most customer experience consultants focus heavily on the softer side of the customer experience but look a bit sheepish when it comes to the numbers.

But I know that without developing a strong business case to support customer experience initiatives, making changes to your business is too much of a gamble...and I don’t like gambling, I like facts.

Everyone knows that an optimal customer experience has the potential to improve the success of our business, but not many people know how to calculate the ROI of the customer experience.

Luckily, I do.

I know how to identify the gaps in your customer experience that are losing you the most money and the aspects that are stopping you from driving additional customer revenue. I know, because I have done this before. 

I also know that it’s not as hard to get started as you might think it is.

Experience Elevator will take you...
  • Dealing daily with the same customer complaints around wanting to see their order status and feeling frustrated because it’s taking too long to fulfill

  • Using spreadsheets to patch together your vital customer information, and still not having a clear view of what’s going on

  • Wanting to set up the systems to reach customers in new markets with different needs, but not knowing where to start

  • Dealing with cash flow problems because you’re waiting 30-60 days for invoices to process, rather than setting up self-service systems where customers can purchase from you immediately, however they wish

  • Not knowing if the action you are taking is helping or hindering your customer experience


  • Understanding exactly what you need to do to provide your customers with an Amazon-like shopping experience 

  • Understanding how to generate a clear and accurate view of the data that contributes to a successful customer experience

  • Knowing what systems and business processes you need to put in place to fulfill orders quickly create a competitive customer experience

  • Feeling confident that you know how to set up online payment systems that reduce cash flow bottlenecks

  • Feeling certain that you understand your customers intimately, and that you have  a clear plan for long-term customer experience success


Loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase!

Let's talk value...
How do you know if this is for you?
  • You’re tired of dealing with the same customer complaints, you are ready to take action, attract and retain more customers AND get your time back.

  • You’re determined not to get left behind and you’re ready to finally tackle this digital technology thing that everyone else keeps hammering on about - even if it does seem a bit overwhelming. 

  • You’re ready to drive the most value possible out of your industrial customer experience and generate strong ROI from your customer experience initiatives. 

This is for you if...

  • You’re content dealing with the same customer issues time and time again, knowing that you and your team are wasting hours of effort. 

  • You’re not willing to take action to future proof your business and your happy to let your competitors steal your customers.

  • You’re willing to let the fear of failure overwhelm you, and you’re not willing to fight to make your industrial business a long-term success.

This is not for you if...

But like all good things, this deal WILL come to an end

So don’t be late! 

"When customers have a good experience they are 5x more likely to recommend" 

My Promise To You...

If, after the workshop you aren't certain that you have a plan for customer success, I'll give you your money back