Re-connecting with the customer through design-led thinking


The market was becoming increasingly more saturated and the client was looking for new ways to connect with their customer. They were beginning to see a reduction in the number of regular marketing leads that they were generating. They didn't have a clear understanding of why this was happening and were struggling to plan for the next step forward. The client risked their leads completely drying up and were starting to panic. They needed to get a new plan in place to reconnect with their customers, pronto! By the end of just one 4 hour design-led thinking strategy workshop, we were able to answer the following questions and provide the client with some peace of mind; 


Primary workshop objective: How can we drive a superior CX for our customers?


Secondary (but also mucho importante) objectives: 

  • How can we make our marketing campaigns more relevant to our target customer?

  • What offerings should we focus on?

  • What operating model adjustments are needed to support the campaigns?

So what did we do to help?

We got a group of employees from across the business in a room together and we started by focusing our thoughts around the customer. Using the same design-led thinking techniques employed by Amazon and other incredibly creative and successful companies. We worked backwards from the customer, considering their problems, wants and needs in order to generate ideas that would fix them. 


Once you really understand these things about your customer, you can begin to build products, services, marketing campaigns etc, that will truly help them get what they want. And, if your customer is able to get what they want, inevitably this will get you what you want. More sales and more revenue.


What was the outcome?

By the end of the workshop we had generated over 150 ideas around how we could answer our workshop objectives. Now obviously this is way too many ideas to run with, so we used a couple of nifty design-led strategy techniques to drill these down into 4 clear projects that would deliver the biggest impact to the business and provided them with the clarity and certainty they needed to move forward.