Avoiding total burnout - marketing CRM implementation for scale and growth


Why did they need help?


A small established manufacturing business that had experienced rapid growth, they had reached their current level of growth with the systems that they currency in place.


There was simply no way that this business would be able to achieve further growth without its leader reaching absolute burnout. Plus, they were missing a significant amount of opportunities to meet the needs of their current customers because they were unorganised and had very little understanding of their business processes.

We held a 3-hour masterclass session using a range of different design-led thinking strategy techniques to help them to understand their customer’s journey and to identify where the bottlenecks were causing the customer distress and putting stress on the team internally. 


Using the design-thinking workshop methods, we were able to isolate the main causes of the issues quickly, to re-imagine how we could make the digital experience more pleasant and effective for everyone.


What we did about it:

We decided that the first step to avoiding total owner exhaustion would be to implement a customer relationship management system. CRM platforms can manage all aspects of customer information and relationships. We helped them to identify the criteria for a (CRM) system that would fit the exact needs of their business. Not just because it was shiny or expensive, but because it actually would relieve the painful issues that they were experiencing. The system would allow them to grow, and enable them to interact more intelligently with their customers. 


We brainstormed the different ways that the system would help them to reduce current operational expenses and also identified how this system would enable them to build relationships, improve employee productivity, and boost sales.


By the end of the session, we had figured out step by step a plan to move forward and had mapped out a prioritised list of high-level tasks to get them started. - quick and simple, no messing around!